Frequently Asked Questions

What is your legal name and address?

Legal Name: The Buggy Bunch
Address: The Buggy Bunch
Attn: Gift and Estate Planning
PO Box 1154
Vero Beach, FL, 32961

What is your Federal Tax ID Number?


What is your phone number?


Are you incorporated?

The Buggy Bunch is a 501(c) 3 in the State of Florida

Can I get a copy of your tax determination letter?

Contact us to obtain a copy of our most recent tax determination letter.

Does The Buggy Bunch need to know that I have named them as a beneficiary in my estate plans?

The Buggy Bunch recognizes the significant decision that you have made to name us as a beneficiary of your estate plans. In turn, we would like to have the opportunity to thank you for your decision to further the Kingdom with a future gift. Please call, write, or email us at

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